25 - 35s

If you are in this age group, you might be thinking 'It's about time I knew what I am supposed to be doing for the rest of my life!'.

Or, you might have recently started out on your career after leaving university. Perhaps you are having second thoughts about your career choice. Or, perhaps you are in a hurry to start climbing the corporate ladder and achieve financial independence.

You might be in a long-term relationship, considering marriage, a home and children, which is clashing with the demands of your current career.

The good news is that this is the best time in your life to make meaningful career plans. Why is this so? Because the period of time between 25 and 35 is now the adult threshold (according to social demographer Bernard Salt, adolescence now lasts till around 30 years of age). You arein the prime of life in terms of being able to make sound decisions that will see you through the years ahead.

The cynics will tell you that there is only one way to progress your career at this point: work in a boring job until you get promoted to a hopefully less boring job, and if it is still boring at least you get paid more. I know,from the 35-45 year old clients I see,that taking that path only leads to greater disappointment.

If you are in this age group but this page doesn't seem to apply to you, try the 
Late-Starters page.

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